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We grow successful small businesses and create good local jobs for people with high barriers to employment.
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Jose Corona, CEO of ICA

2013 was my ninth year at the helm of ICA,

and I am proud that over the past twelve months we’ve continued
to partner with visionary entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and create even more good local jobs.

We’ve also added exciting new components to our business development ecosystem that are allowing us to more deeply commit to the mutual benefit of entrepreneurs, investors, employees, and their families.

Our services address different needs for distinct populations, but are flowing toward a common goal—community transformation through good job creation.

In 2013 we created and retained…


These jobs not only improved the economic well-being of employees, but also the financial stability and quality of life of thousands of family and community members by extension.

ICA creates Good Jobs.
When we speak about good jobs, we aren’t using the word “good” loosely.

By ICA’s definition,
a good job:

  1. Pays above a living wage
  2. Offers full health and dental benefits
  3. Provides “life ladders” for employees to move up within the company

We think of good job creation as a trajectory. From start-up to scale-up, creating good jobs takes time, and we are well aware that some of our entrepreneurs are not yet able to offer good jobs exclusively.

We select high-impact entrepreneurs who are committed to the long-term creation of a good job economy.

Popular wisdom tells us that small businesses can’t offer generous benefits or fair wages.

And yet, $14.50 is the average hourly wage and $51,945 is the average salary paid by ICA companies.

Furthermore, over half of ICA companies and 100% of our partner companies (like Blue Bottle Coffee and Revolution Foods) offer health and dental benefits.

Some of our companies even provide 401(k)s, English classes, gym memberships, and life insurance plans. And 49% of ICA companies are owned by women and 52% are owned by people of color.

As we invest in good jobs, our companies invest in good people.

In 2013, 385 people were promoted from part-time to full-time, or received increased pay and responsibilities.

We not only talk about
good jobs, we ask,
“Good Jobs, for whom?”

This thinking has led to the launch of our Talent Management Initiative,
a program that works with our businesses to help them find the talent they need, and in turn employ those who need good jobs most.

This way, 66% of all ICA companies hired workers with barriers to employment in 2013, and 80% have made an effort to do so.


is the average salary paid by ICA companies.


of ICA partner companies offer health and dental benefits.


is the average hourly wage for a job with an ICA company.


of ICA companies hired workers with barriers to employment.


of ICA companies offer health and dental benefits.


people promoted in pay, responsibility, or from part time to full.


is the average salary paid by ICA companies.


is the average hourly wage for a job with an ICA company.


of ICA companies offer health and dental benefits.


of ICA partner companies offer health and dental benefits.


of ICA companies hired workers with barriers to employment.


people promoted in pay, responsibility, or from part time to full.

Creating Good Jobs starts
with developing successful businesses.

In 2013, the median ICA company revenue, was $440,000. And together we created over $68 Million in total wealth via paid wages. Last year, the companies in the ICA network had combined revenues of over

$177 Million.

A job isn’t just a number, though.
For each job in the ICA network, there is a unique story.

For example:
In February of this year,
Ed Support Services found a perfect match for an opening by working with ICA’s Talent Management Initiative.

The Initiative sourced this position
through its partnership with the Alameda County Social Services Agency. They identified a candidate who had been challenged to find even minimum wage offers but had the drive and the skill-set
to succeed.

Ed Support Services was able to strengthen their team while their newest employee was offered a career ladder, a job with a future, and a starting wage of $16.50.

Still in its infancy, the Talent Management Initiative promises to be a game-changing job preparation and placement pipeline that benefits both employers and employees.

Perhaps our biggest shift this
past year was the founding of a separate partner organization called Fund Good Jobs.

Sean Daniel Murphy
President & Managing Director of
Fund Good Jobs

Over the past five years, I worked as COO of ICA, pushing our team to stay
just as innovative as the entrepreneurs we serve. That drive has challenged us to go “all in” each and every year to better serve our companies and the employees that make them go.

In order to make a real impact,
we know we have to innovate.
2013 was no exception.

"Fund Good Jobs” is a small business capital investment vehicle designed
to address the challenges ICA companies face in securing much needed growth capital.

In 2013, close to half of ICA companies sought capital, and 61% plan to seek capital in 2014. Yet, for a variety of reasons, companies can’t always get what they need.

I have moved into the role of President and Managing Director of Fund Good Jobs to help fix this.
My aim in this
new capacity is to push the capital sector to think more creatively about impact investment and to fund good job creators.

In our first year of operation, we have already moved over $1 million in investment capital. We funded three dynamic ICA companies:
Back To The Roots,
Prather Ranch Meat Company,
and Impact HUB Oakland.

And we’re just beginning.

An ICA company
since 2010,
Back to the Roots
grows good jobs and creates innovative products that reconnect people with good food.

Prather Ranch Meat Company
creates the highest-quality sustainable meat products possible and grows good jobs in the process.

Part business-incubator, part co-working center, part event space,
Impact HUB Oakland
brings entrepreneurs and community members together, creating good jobs in the process.

At ICA, we often say that though
we may be a 501(c)3, we operate
like a startup.

We think it makes us more dynamic but it also speaks to who we are and what we do: we take an investment of pro-bono time and monetary support and use them to create good jobs.

The value of our pro-bono advising time in 2013 was $1.1 million, and after crunching the numbers, we found that it cost us about $370 to create and retain one job.

Most importantly,
our mission
Return On Investment (ROI) meant that for every $1 of cash received,
we created $51 of local wealth. In our book, that’s an
ROI of 1:51.

(And that’s pretty good.)  

Our work takes many forms: advising, education,
talent management, and investment
via our partnership with
Fund Good Jobs. Yet all of our efforts serve the same mission:

to grow small businesses and create good jobs.

We believe in confluence,
we believe in win-win scenarios, and we believe in community transformation via innovative economic development.

Our team is creative, driven,
and passionate, and our supporters
are big and small.

In 2013, we doubled down on our work, tried new strategies, critiqued our work, and analyzed our impact, and in the end, we are proud of what we accomplished.

With your help,
we can do even more.

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